Emilia Romagna's piadina (untranslatable italian world that comes from the dialectal expression "Pijda" or "Pič") has had a very important role in the alimentation history of the poor gents of the region of Romagna, showing their simple way of life and courtesy.

This kind of "Bread" was always and only in farmers' houses, especially when bad economic conditions did not permit them to obtain something more.

It was made to replace classic yeast bread, so it was necessary an azymous mixture that filled up people. Year after year, all Romagna's population learned to love piadina, and every town made little changes to the original recipe, adjusting it to their culture and elect it as a typical Romagna's food.

 Actually is a very succesful product, it is sell around all the Romagna coast, in the countryside and also in other italian regions.